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Transforming Material Handling

The story of LaborSaveTM begins in 2004, when a young ingenious engineer visits a plastics factory.

Seeing plastic pellets scattered all over the floor and workers manually lifting, cutting, and emptying heavy raw material bags, the young engineer realized how both unsafe and completely inefficient manual bag emptying is.

Inspired by the evident market need, the visionary co-founders of Ayal Robotics and Engineering Ltd., set out to create a material handling robotics solution that addressed all sack emptying challenges. LaborSaveTM, the Company’s patented, proprietary brand, and the world’s first fully automated sack emptying system, made its market debut in 2006 at the world’s leading trade fair for plastics.

With astonishing 99.99% emptying rate of sack content, unmatched capacity of up to 32 tons/hour, and countless manhours saved, LaborSaveTM became an overnight sensation.

Throughout the years, the Company has maintained its global market leader position by constantly pushing the limits of efficiency and providing greater value to production and logistics facilities handling raw material bags, in the Plastics, Food & Beverage, Logistics, Feedstuff, Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals industries.

To date, LaborSaveTM has been installed in over 1,000 factories across the globe and has opened hundreds of million tons of raw materials.


Enhanced raw material utilization, lower labor costs


Exceptionally cost-effective operation


Fully automated system replaces manual labor


The founders of Ayal Robotics & Engineering Ltd. brought with them a wealth of know-how and experience in mechanical and software engineering and robotics, manifested to date in a best-in-class material handling solutions. 

Itsik Mann
Itsik MannCo-founder, CEO
Mann has over 30 years of high-level executive experience in global companies. He contributes his outstanding managerial skills and vast business proficiencies to constantly expand LaborSave’s reach throughout the world.
Benjamin Cohen
Benjamin CohenCo-founder, CTO
Cohen has over 35 years of experience in product development and project management. With in-depth understanding of customer needs and exceptional technical expertise, he leads the Company’s development efforts to create forward-thinking technical solutions.


The award-winning LaborSaveTM system is an ideal material handling solution for any production and logistics facility handling raw material bags of pellets or powders.

The system’s core advantages couple with its ability to adapt to the special needs of various industries, have earned it its worldwide prominence in the plastic, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and beverage, and foodstuff industries.
Hundreds of companies already benefit from LaborSaveTM’s ability to consistently provide optimal capacity of bag unloading with negligible material loss, and enjoy dramatic saving on production costs associated with labor, raw material utilization and integrity, and workplace injury prevention.


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