About LaborSave

LaborSave was created in 2004 when Benny Cohen visited a plastic factory and saw workers manually emptying sacks of plastic pellets into a hopper. As he watched the repetitive task of lifting heavy sacks with a knife in their hands, he though about how dangerous this is to the workers' health. And when he saw how many pellets were strewn across the floor, he realized how completely inefficient manual sack emptying is. Immediately upon leaving the factory, Benny began drawing a sketch for a machine that would provide an automatic solution.
There is a lot of responsibility in being the leader. We have responsibility to our existing customers, our potential clients, our employees and ourselves. LaborSave was the first automatic sack emptying solution, and now that there are others who have come along, we busy ourselves with finding new ways to improve and provide more value.
Ayal Robotics & Engineering Ltd. is led by a group with extensive experience in robotics, software engineering and business.
At LaborSave, we know that the secret to business success is not found in how advanced a technology may be or the level of manufacturing efficiency obtained. Rather, the well-known secret to business success lies in the people. Starting in the upper management and all the way through until the production line, good people are the core strength of every successful company.