Being First

There is a lot of responsibility in being the leader. We have responsibility to our existing customers, our potential clients, our employees and ourselves.

LaborSave was the first automatic sack emptying solution, and now that there are others who have come along, we busy ourselves with finding new ways to improve and provide more value.

LaborSave is the only automatic sack emptying system with a double set of sensors for every action, allowing our clients to have complete control of the process. Should any problem arise during the sack opening and emptying process, LaborSave knows exactly where the problem originated and how to fix it.

LaborSave was the first to offer an automatic pallet removal and stacking system, increasing production by over 10%.

LaborSave provides the industry's most comprehensive warranty, which until this date, has been only nice to have, as there have been no instances of a LaborSave machine requiring replacement parts.

Our commitment is to continue leading the industry. We will always be the one to introduce new features, and thereby set the trend for all of our competitors.

We invite you to contact us to learn more about working with the leading automatic sack emptying system – LaborSave.