LaborSave was created in 2004 when Benny Cohen visited a plastic factory and saw workers manually emptying sacks of plastic pellets into a hopper. As he watched the repetitive task of lifting heavy sacks with a knife in their hands, he though about how dangerous this is to the workers' health. And when he saw how many pellets were strewn across the floor, he realized how completely inefficient manual sack emptying is.

Immediately upon leaving the factory, Benny began drawing a sketch for a machine that would provide an automatic solution.

At the K show in 2004, LaborSave made its debut and became an overnight sensation within the plastics industry. The technological solution coupled with the highest standards of craftsmanship was exactly what the industry needed, however it was only as time went by, that the owners of LaborSave realized the true value of the solution.

LaborSave, like the name suggests, was developed in response to the inefficient use of manpower, and was thought to help companies reduce the man hours required to open the sacks. Yet the true benefit to companies from LaborSave is the 99.99% emptying rate of the sacks content, followed by the highest standards of safety which LaborSave brings to the industry - effectively preventing untold workers injuries.

To date, LaborSave has been installed in over 800 factories across the globe, and has opened nearly 50 millions tons of raw materials.

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