Plastic Factory in Turkey

Client: Large company
Industry: Plastics
Location: Turkey
Through-put: 400-500 tons (per day)
Model: LaborSave VHC
Year: 2007
The Challenge: Stopping man-made contamination of raw materials.

The Facts: Raw materials at a large Turkish company were being contaminated by cigarette butts, despite of a ‘no-smoking inside the factory’ rule. In an attempt to conceal incriminating evidence , workers would throw the cigarette butts into the sacks of the raw materials, causing significant losses.

The Solution: The Turkish production managers were introduced to LaborSave at a trade conference in Europe (K-Show). After meeting with LaborSave managers and engineers to discuss the problem, they were convinced they have found the solution.

LaborSave technical staff was on-site shortly thereafter to supervise the installation of the LaborSave system and train the workers.

While the Turkish company has not yet been able to stop all its workers from smoking inside the factory, they are no longer concerned about contamination of the raw materials since the LaborSave system empties the sacks into the silos without human intervention. Losses have been reduced to nearly zero!

To Date: The client is very satisfied with the results, continues to maintain contact with LaborSave, and happily answers questions and describes the benefits of the system to potential clients.