Factory in - Belgium

Client: Large company
Industry: Plastics
Location: Belgium
Through-put: 500 tons (per day)
Model: LaborSave VHC
Year: 2005
The Challenge: Enhancing sack handling efficiency.

The Facts: A Belgian logistics service provider employed numerous low-skilled workers to handle and empty sacks for the company’s clients. Raw material losses, training difficulties and absenteeism, resulted in pressure from the company’s management to cut back on human resources, improve the efficiency of raw materials handling, and increase capacity.

The Solution: The company learned about LaborSave after seeing an advertisement for the system in a Belgian industrial journal. LaborSave personnel were invited to the plant for a meeting, and before long the company put out an order for a portable LaborSave system.

Once installed, the system provided instantaneous results - not only in raw material handling — but also in much greater worker efficiency. In fact, the company experienced an exception 1,200% increase in through-put per worker with LaborSave (pre-LaborSave: 3 workers; 31 tons of raw materials handling per day; with

LaborSave: 1 worker; 142 tons of raw materials handling per day).


To Date: The client is extremely happy with the results. The portable LaborSave system is in constant use in the factory.