Factory in - Germany

Client:  Large, public company
Industry:  Plastics (blow and cast film)
Location: Germany
Through-put: 500 tons (per day)
Model: LaborSave HC
Year: Q1 2007 
The Challenge: Economizing on raw material and labor costs.
The Facts: A highly innovative plastics manufacturer with sprawling facilities was experiencing the financial burden resulting from the rise in  the cost of materials and labor.
With six emptying stations at strategic locations, two dedicated workers at each station and a forklift operator for every two stations, the three-shifts per day, 24/7/365 plant, was drawing substantial human resources.
The Solution: Through word of mouth resulting from its good reputation, the company has learned of LaborSave.
Immediately after seeing a LaborSave system installed at a different location, the plant manager invited LaborSave engineers. The discussion addressed the plant’s need for an automated solution that will save labor and materials cost while preventing injuries from manual handling of the sacks.
Soon thereafter, LaborSave was installed and began operating. For even greater efficiency, the company accepted LaborSave advice to use a portable system (mounted on a lorry) to move it between silos and stations.
Due to the significant labor-savings, the shift managers are now actually doing all of the work related to handling, opening and emptying sacks. The dozens workers previously employed at the six emptying stations, were placed in other capacities throughout the operation.
The plant manager was so proud of the tremendous cost-savings — both in labor and raw materials —that he insisted pictures he took of LaborSave be used in its marketing materials.
To Date: The client continues to show off the LaborSave HC with pride, and speaks quite frankly about savings it’s provided for the company.