Factory in - Spain

Client: Small, private company
Industry: Plastics (blow-film production)
Location: Spain
Through-put: 10-15 tons (per day)
Model: LaborSave HC
Year: early 2006
The Challenge: Overcoming workers’ anxiety of manually emptying sacks.

The Facts: At a relatively small plastics factory in north-west Spain, workers were performing a number of functions intermittently. The work was conducted meticulously and the manager was extremely satisfied with his workers.

Inexplicably, though, every time the workers needed to empty sacks or deal with the sacks in any way, they came up with different excuses, starting from sore backs and ending with feeling ill. At times, foreseeing the next-day task, they didn’t even bother to show up for work.

After losing a number of good workers owing to the activities related to lifting, handling, and emptying the 25Kg sacks, the manager decided he needed to find an automated solution.

When introduced to the LaborSave system at an international trade conference for plastics, the manager realized he had found the cure to his workers’ “ailments”.

The Solution: LaborSave technical staff installed and commissioned the fully automatic sack emptying system to the delight of both the workers and the manager.

The Spanish manager now boasts that all of the sack emptying is completed within 30 to 60 minutes — with only one dedicated worker. Complaints and excuses have ended.

To Date: The client remains very pleased with the “labor-saving” results.