Factory in India

Client:  Large, private company
Industry:  Plastics (blow-film production)
Location: India
Through-put: 75-90 tons (per day)
Model: LaborSave VHC
Year: 2011
The Challenge: Solving the problem of hopper contamination

The Facts: At one of India's largest plastics companies, the issue which most concerned the owner and factory managers was contamination.

In India and other countries where the cost of labor is minimal, it does not bother companies to have a large workforce. However, the cost of contamination is just as expensive in India as it is everywhere else in the world.

Despite repeated requests and even punitive actions against employees who smoked or handled other contaminants on the factory floor, there were always instances of downtime due to employee-caused contamination.

The Solution: LaborSave installed a VHC system which completely removed employee access to the hopper.

To Date: Since receiving the LaborSave, there has not been one incident of plant shutdown due to contamination. In addition, the client has purchased an additional two systems.