LaborSave is the only fully automatic sack emptying system that is approved by all of the world’s major standards institutes, including CE, UL, TUV, and GOST.
Obtaining all these certificates is by no means trivial. Each certification requires rigorous testing and entails a high cost. But since the day that LaborSave opened its doors for business, safety has always been our number one priority.
There is no other comparable system that meets our standard of safety, electrical and robotic engineering and quality of craftsmanship.
LaborSave is a completely enclosed fully automated sack cutting and emptying system. The enclosure is made of the highest grade steel, coated with a high density polymer paint that will never tarnish. The only area of the LaborSave that is open is guarded by a set of robotic sensors which can shut down the system within microseconds should an object pass during operation.
In fact, there are over 10 different safety sensors within the LaborSave system, making it possibly the safest machine you will have on the factory floor.
LaborSave is built to work under all conditions. LaborSave has been set up in factories where temperatures range from -20°C through 50°C.
ISO 9001
LaborSave's factory is ISO 9001 certified, representing a commitment to the highest possible standards.
The TÜVs as a group constitute one of the world's largest overall product certification organizations. Based in Germany, a TUV certification is synonymous with safety and the highest standards in quality.
The CE mark is required for systems like LaborSave in the EU.
The UL mark is recognized throughout the world as a standard.
The GOST standard is a requirement for electronic systems sold in Russia and countries which were once part of the Soviet Union.