"Alfapac AB purchased one LaborSave machine this year and installed it during the spring. We have now had it in operation for a few months.

My overall impression of the machine so far is that it has delivered what was promised, with a wide margin. It is easy and reliable to operation and has made the daily life for our staff easier. We can now save time on material handling, and instead use it for more proactive quality controls in our production process. This saves time and money for us and our customers.

I also want to commend the generous and professional approach from Eyal Robotics and their management. From the very first contact through their agent, and later in direct contact, Alfapac has been treated with great respect and a positive attitude.

In conclusion, I am happy to recommend the LaborSave and Eyal Robotics and Engineering Ltd. I am confident that you will be satisfied our your investment , as we have with ours."


Matis Olson

Managing Director