Chemicals can be highly sensitive , and often times hazardous, requiring special care and handling during sack emptying.


Companies which use manual lifting and cutting of chemicals are required to take special safety precautions. These can include masks, goggles, gloves and proper ventilation. For in the case of chemicals, the risk of employee injury is not limited to an immediate effect, rather the exposure to chemicals can cause long term effects such as birth defects, cancer and other diseases. This also means that the potential liability of the company is no longer confined to the work place, but is now broadened to include the entire lifespan of the worker and his/her family.

In addition to the potential effect on the employee, manual lifting and emptying of the sack puts the purity of the chemical at risk. Product contamination is a high cost event, and comes with the risk of partial or complete shutdown of the factory to clean up the contamination.

LaborSave answers all of these risks with a fully automated sack emptying system. By completely eliminating manual lifting, cutting and emptying of the sacks, the employee is no longer exposed to any potentially harmful irritants. In addition, the substance purity is kept, as the operation is performed in a sterile environment.

To prevent airborne contamination, LaborSave can be equipped with an aspiration unit which prevents any chemical particles from entering the air, and at the same time, prevents airborne particles from meeting the chemicals.

And of course, with its 99.99% emptying guarantee, LaborSave will save the company money in raw materials.