Within pharmaceutical manufacturing, powders consist of 80% of raw materials used. In addition to the sheer quantity of the material being used, pharmaceutical powders are highly complex and sensitive materials. It is well known that during the manufacturing process, powders can undergo fundamental and detrimental changes to their structural makeup and attributes due to a wide array of non-ideal conditions.


From the moment that the sack of powders is opened until it comes out of the hopper, the powders may be vibrated, exposed to air, moisture, metal and potential contaminants. Any of these factors can lead to a situation where the powder does not flow evenly, resulting in a loss of the precious raw material. Alternatively, the powders can develop an aerated constitution where they flow too freely due to an undesired low consistency.

For all of these reasons, it is critical to assure that the machinery and process by which pharmaceutical powders are subject to will be compatible with the powder.

LaborSave understands the unique concerns of the pharmaceutical industry, and has been providing automated sack emptying solutions to many of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe, the U.S, and the world. The LaborSave automatic sack emptying system is fitted specifically for pharmaceuticals by adding additional features which protect the powders during their processing.

The path through which the powders travel is completely sterile and hermetically sealed, with a low pressure reverse vacuum continuously collecting airborne powders and gathering them to a central location. These powders are then released back into the hopper at predetermined intervals.

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