Plastics is an industry with high sensitivity to operating costs. These costs include the raw materials, risk of contamination, labor and safety.


Polyethylene pellets are emptied from the sacks, sent through the hopper and channeled to a silo. Aside from the high cost of the pellets, it is critical that no contamination enter the hopper with the pellets, as even the smallest piece of metal that is only .002 parts per billion can shut down operations. And as known from experience, this occurs frequently when nails from pallets, or pieces of worn out blades fall into the hopper. An unexpected slowdown in operations caused by process contamination could cost the factory tens of thousands of dollars per incident.

For companies  who have workers manually lifting sacks over a hopper with a knife, the risk of pellet contamination is very high while loss of raw material is , as the event of employee injury can cost the company in health care costs and government fines.

LaborSave debuted in 2004 at the K Show, and has since then been the leading supplier of automated sack emptying equipment to plastic manufacturers across the globe. The reason for this is not necessarily the reduction in actual labor cost, but more importantly, the ability to significantly reduce the risk of contamination while succeeding in emptying more than 99.99% of sack contents.