LaborSave is a modular system that can be altered to fit the needs of every business. Whether you require a solution capable of emptying up to 400 sacks per hour or up to 1,300 sacks per hour, there are multiple LaborSave models that will fit your requirements.
In addition to sack emptying capacity, the layout of the LaborSave is designed to fit within your factory floor. Each LaborSave unit is built specifically for the client, and always undergoes some unique formatting requested by the client.
It is also important to note the surprising small size which the LaborSave requires. The system is never larger than a standard shipping container, with a length of 5.80 M, and a width of 2.30 M.
LaborSave also has multiple product add-ons that can further improve efficiency.
The LaborSave Automatic Pallet Stacker is placed on the conveyor belt and stacks up the pallets after they are removed by the conveyor belt.
The LaborSave Aspiration Unit can be installed within the system to ensure that there is no leakage of raw materials from the machine outside of the system. (This feature is generally added with highly sensitive, expensive or dangerous materials.)
The LaborSave Full Pallet Entry Conveyor Belt automatically delivers full pallets into the loading dock.
The LaborSave Empty Pallet Conveyor Belt automatically empties pallets from the loading dock after the gripper has lifted all of the sacks.