Aspiration Unit

The LaborSave Aspiration Unit can be installed within the system to ensure that there is no leakage of raw materials from the machine outside of the system. (This feature is generally added with highly sensitive, expensive or dangerous materials.)

The LaborSave Aspiration Unit is an available add-on feature that prevents dust leakage of raw materials from the LaborSave.

Expensive, sensitive or dangerous powders can be blown from the LaborSave unit to the factory floor when the sacks are cut. Depending on the powder, the issue can be one of loss of raw material, to a potential safety hazard.

The LaborSave Aspiration Unit is installed within the LaborSave system and hermetically seals the area. Upon cutting of the sacks, the aspiration system creates a low pressure atmosphere inside the cutting chamber volume, sucking all of the dust and powder in the air. These powders are gathered in a storage unit and automatically released back into the hopper in preset intervals.

In addition to preventing contaminants from leaving the LaborSave, it also completely prevents outside dust and airborne contaminants from entering the hopper.

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