Pallet Removal

The LaborSave Empty Pallet Conveyor Belt automatically empties pallets from the loading dock after the gripper has lifted all of the sacks.

LaborSave is designed as a modular system that easily allows additional parts and features to be added on at any time, without requiring downtime to the machine or operations.

The LaborSave automatic empty pallet conveyor belt slides into the loading dock by simply removing the side panel and connecting the electricity and communication wires with the LaborSave motherboard, making it a true plug & play add-on. The empty pallet evacuation conveyor belt extends out of the loading dock just a few meters, and provides for automatic evacuation of the pallets. Once removed from the loading dock, the empty pallets can be automatically stacked up by adding the LaborSave automatic empty pallet stacker.

The LaborSave automatic pallet evacuation conveyor belt is the most popular add-on for the system, as it further increases LaborSave’s production efficiency by over 10%.

LaborSave is a fully automated system that knows when the last layer of sacks are lifted from the loading dock to be emptied. After the bottom most bags are removed, the gripper discontinues its operations while the conveyor belt evacuates the pallet from the loading dock. Once the pallet is outside of the loading dock, the next full pallet can be loaded into the LaborSave loading dock, automatically or by the fork lift operator.

Like every other LaborSave component, the empty pallet conveyor belt is not limited to one pallet size, but rather is capable of conveying any sized pallet.