Pallet Entry Conveyor

The LaborSave Full Pallet Entry Conveyor Belt automatically delivers full pallets into the loading dock.

LaborSave Fully Automated Full Pallet Entry Conveyor

LaborSave is designed as a modular system that easily allows additional parts and features to be added on at any time, without requiring downtime to the machine or operations.

The LaborSave fully automated full pallet entry conveyor belt connects to the loading dock by removing one of the side panels and connecting the electric cables to the motherboard. The pallet conveyor is pre-loaded with up to 4 full pallets. After the LaborSave completes all the sacks on a pallet, the old empty pallet is removed via an automatic conveyor belt in either the opposite direction, or at a 90 degree angle, followed immediately by the full pallet incoming conveyor belt delivering the next full pallet.

The LaborSave fully automated pallet conveyor belt is a popular peripheral equipment, as it allows the factory worker to be involved in multiple tasks while the LaborSave is at work. The factory worker is essentially free for at least 15 minutes before having to reload new pallets onto the fully automated pallet conveyor belt.

Like every other LaborSave component, the full pallet conveyor belt is not limited to one pallet size, but rather is capable of conveying any sized pallet. 

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