Pallet Stacking

The LaborSave Automatic Pallet Stacker is placed on the conveyor belt and stacks up the pallets after they are removed by the conveyor belt.

LaborSave is a modular system that easily allows additional parts and features to be added on at any time with essentially no downtime to the system or operations.

The LaborSave automatic pallet stacking system connects to the far end of the empty pallet evacuation conveyor belt, and knows to automatically stack the evacuated empty pallets, allowing for easy removal of all the pallets.

A typical pallet weighs approximately 15 kilograms, yet can easily double their weight to 30 kilograms when they are exposed to water. The automatic pallet stacking system is capable of stacking up to 400 kilograms, translating into roughly 20 pallets on average.

The LaborSave automatic pallet stacking system uses a unique series of robotic components to pick up the pallets from the belt. The pallets are pulled up into the stackers arms, entering the stack of pallets from the bottom and pushing up the entire stack.

Like every other LaborSave component, the automatic pallet stacking system is not limited to one pallet size, but rather is capable of stacking any sized pallet.

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