We take pride in offering the most effective, (both in terms of cost and operations) automatic sack emptying system in the industry.
The most important factor in every business decision is determining the value of a deal. The return on investment for LaborSave is fast, generally reached in under six months. The combination of reduced labor costs, near complete reduction of raw material loss, 100% prevention of foreign materials from entering the hopper and a level of safety that is unmatched are what gives the LaborSave its advantage over all other sack emptying options.
LaborSave is backed by the industry's best warranty. No other company offers such extensive coverage. However, as the LaborSave was designed to last indefinitely, it is truly a rare event that a LaborSave experiences downtime or requires a change of parts.
As the issue of employee safety continues to gain importance throughout the world, companies can literally not afford to be in a situation where employee safety is at risk. LaborSave has the highest level of safety, and is approved by all of the world's major Standards Institutes including CE, UL, TUV and GOST. In addition, LaborSave's factory is a state-of-the-art ISO 1009 certified facility, comprising the most advanced steelwork equipment and managed by professionals who don’t compromise on quality.
LaborSave was the first to introduce a truly automatic  sack emptying solution, and continues to lead the industry in product advancements. We take great pride in being first and are committed to providing the best to all of our clients. We have been around the longest, and will be around in the future.