The question of cost is always the deciding factor in a business decision. LaborSave is a highly complex system, and comes with a price tag that fits the technology and man hours that are put into its production.

However in the case of LaborSave, the question should not be if your company can afford it, but rather, can your company afford to not have the LaborSave? For with all of our clients, LaborSave has become the single most important piece of machinery for reducing costs and improving efficiency.

Cost Savings:

More than 99.99% emptying: For many industries, raw materials comprise a significant percentage of production costs. In studies conducted, manual cutting and emptying of sacks results in a loss of raw materials that can reach up to .7% Even assuming a loss of only .25%, at the end of a day there could easily be a number of sacks that were literally thrown out. 

LaborSave achieves more than 99.99% emptying of sack contents, providing an instantaneous reduction in operating costs.

An end to contamination: Even in locations where labor costs are minimal, there is no other solution for eliminating contamination costs like the LaborSave. By removing human hands from the equation, there is no chance that any material aside from the contents of the sack will enter the hopper. A single instance of contamination can cost thousands of dollars, if not more. 

LaborSave provides the most effective protection against content contamination.

Safety regulations: Government regulations regarding employee safety have become much stricter over the year. What used to be acceptable  is now illegal and could result in fines that could be potentially devastatning for a company. There exists limits as to the amount of weight than an employee can lift by hand, working environment and safety equipment. For companies that have employees maually lifting and cutting sacks over a hopper, the weight being lifted and the way in which the employees are working can result in a fine of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

LaborSave is a category 4 system, with approval from all of the world’s major standards institutes.

Labor Costs: Employee and fork lift cost vary depending on location, but as a general rule of thumb, the cost of employee and fork lift per hour can reach $75-$100. LaborSave requires only one employee, and can be set up to use the minimal amount of forklift time.

All together, LaborSave offers immediate cost savings to every factory that receives their raw materials in sacks, and generally returns itself on investment within a half year.