LaborSave offers multiple models designed to fit the needs of your factory.

The HC model was the original LaborSave, and has a maximum throughput of 600 sacks per hour. The more compact HC is ideal for small factories with a tight budget.

Additional Info

  • Through-Put (Sacks/hour): 600

G2 is the second generation LaborSave, and has a maximum throughput of 800 sacks per hour. The larger G2 already empties 99.99% of sack content, providing slightly more cost savings than the HC.

Additional Info

  • Through-Put (Sacks/hour): 800

 VHC is the largest LaborSave model, automatically cutting and emptying 1,300 sacks per hour, and effectively emptying 99.99% of sack content. VHC is the most cost-effective and most sold model.

Additional Info

  • Through-Put (Sacks/hour): 1300