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We listen

We have always had a musical ear when it came to our customer’s needs and wants. More often than not, being a good listener actually serves us just as much as it serves our customers.

Back in 2006 when LaborSave just started out, the CEO of Ayal Robotics and Engineering visited a potential customer in Turkey, who unloaded 400 tons/day of #plastic pellets. The chief engineer of the Turkish customer took the CEO for a tour in the factory and showed him how they achieve emptying efficiency of 99.99% by manually opening and emptying bags of raw material.

Astound by the level of competence of manual labor compared with LaborSave’s “mere” 99.90% back then, the CEO informed LaborSave’s R&D team they had to match.

LaborSave’s robotics and engineering staff rose to the challenge and set a 99.99% emptying rate as LaborSave’s standard.

Needless to say, the Turkish customer was more than happy to place an order for a LaborSave system, and an installation date was set.

Intrigued by what he has heard, Ayal’s CTO decided to join the installation in turkey. Once there, he asked to see for himself the wonder of that 99.99% manual emptying, only to discover that in reality, 1.5% (!) of the raw material unloaded by hand was consistently left on the production floor for an actual efficiency of 98.5%.

At the end of the day, the customer’s “display” of efficiency got him a superior system, but also allowed LaborSave to set an unmatched standard for the entire industry.