"Best in efficiency, reliability & quality"

We love letting our customers “do the talking”.

Here’s what a BOPP & CPP, PE Film manufacturer has to say:

“LaborSave is the best combination when it comes to greater efficiency, reliability, and quality. The fully automated machine at Plastchim-T has set a new standard for bag-opening and emptying rate for our plant. The LaborSave G2 machine model at Plastchim-T helps our operators unload up to 800 bags/hour – it is the ideal capacity for our factory.

Because it is a completely closed process, it prevents from contaminating the material during the sack-emptying and our workers are not exposed to any dangers.

The technological solution from LaborSave, coupled with the highest standard of efficiency, is what our company needs.

The LaborSave machine is so much automated, that even the pallets are well-arranged at a platform on the machine and easily picked up by the workers. The processes around the machine go so seamlessly!”

(-) Borislav Minkov, Technical Director, Plastchim-T AD, Bulgaria



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