LaborSave’s birth story

LaborSave, the world’s first automatic solution for sack cutting and emptying, was born out of a root cause analysis exercise at a plastics factory looking to cut back on employee costs. Noticing how ineffective and time consuming the manual process of opening and emptying heavy sacks can be, LaborSave’s founders developed a solution that automatically cuts multiple bags at once and empties the contents into the hopper; completely removing the need for employees to lift, cut or empty the sacks, while reducing the risk of contamination.

The factory, in which LaborSave was first installed, quickly

realized there were now significantly less instances of machine downtime, fewer

employee injuries, greater workflow efficiency, dramatic saving on material

loss, and a better use of raw materials.

More than 18 years later, nearly 1,000 systems installed all around the world, prove what a “sack-cess” story LaborSave is.

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