Slitting – We slit the sacks with an advanced alloy which never dulls and is always sterile.

Possibly the most important component of any sack emptying system is the knives used to cut open the sack. The type of alloy, shape, coating and set-up design will all play a major role in determining the life span of the blades, as well as the possibility of contamination in the sack content.

LaborSave uses blades with an alloy specifically designed for our automatic sack emptying machine. The blade doesn’t contain carbon, thereby keeping the risk of contamination to a minimum. However, to prevent the deterioration of the sharpness, the stainless steel undergoes a process whereby the metal does not become blunt. In fact, there are clients who have used our machinery for over 7 years without once switching or sharpening the blades.

Blades with claws or teeth become dull more quickly, and have a high risk of causing contamination. The LaborSave blades are completely round without any teeth. The blades rotate at over 100 km per hour, cleanly slicing through the sack.

The blades on the LaborSave are spaced 15 cm apart, thereby cutting through a sack in 4 perpendicular lines. This spacing is ideal for emptying all of the sack contents while preventing contamination from small pieces of the sack’s material.