Emptying – When we empty sacks, we reach over 99.99% of all sack content.

One of the most important benefits of LaborSave is its ability to effectively empty 99.99% of sack contents. LaborSave was originaly created to lower the cost of labor. However, it quickly became clear that the true value which LaborSave offers its clients is the cost savings by preventing loss of raw materials as well as preventing foreign objects from reaching the hopper.

After the gripper has lifted the sacks and passed them over the blades to be cut, the bags are shaken in multiple directions over the hopper for several seconds.  The shaking of the bags, with the 4 clean cuts from the blades running through the length of the sack assure that all of the contents are removed.

In studies conducted on sack emptying, it was shown that manual emptying performed by humans results in a loss of 1% of sack content. Considering that the average price of plastic pellets is 15 Euro per kilo, a 1% loss of a 25 kilo sack results in a loss of ~4 Euro. Multiplied by the amount of sacks opened per day, and there can easily be a loss of several thousand Euros.

Furthermore, the cost to the factory should foreign materials reach the hopper can be potentially very large. LaborSave is a sterile environment, completely preventing this scenario from occurring.