Read the questions which we are often asked.

How quickly does LaborSave return itself on the investment?
The ROI for LaborSave depends largely upon the amount of sacks which are opened. The more sacks opened, the faster the ROI will come. In general, most clients experience a complete ROI in terms of cost savings within 6 months of operations.

Are there any replacement parts or other ongoing costs after purchasing the system?
LaborSave is a one time purchase with no ongoing costs or necessary replacement parts. In fact, companies who have been using the LaborSave for the past 10 years have still not replaced a single component in the system. LaborSave is a high quality system made from excellent craftsmanship. It is built to last indefinitely.

How many sacks can be opened per hour?
The answer truly depends on how much savings you wish to achieve. With a single employee operating the forklift, LaborSave can automatically empty up to 1,300 sacks per hour. By adding a second forklift, it is possible to automatically open and empty over 1,800 sacks per hour. We believe that the extra 500 sacks do not justify the additional operating expenses, and therefore only claim 1,300 sacks per hour.

How fast is delivery time after making the order?
We generally commit to shipping the LaborSave within 3 months of closing on an order.

Is there a warranty on the LaborSave?
Yes. We offer the industry's best warranty; 1 year of complete coverage. To date, not one client has used this warranty or requested any replacement parts after the warranty has expired. As mentioned above, our product is built to last indefinitely.

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