LS-CMS Software

LS-CMS – Our proprietary CMS software ensures that efficiency is always maximized.

Each LaborSave system comes complete with the Company’s proprietary LS-CMS software, the industry’s leading containment management software.

LS-CMS manages the consumption and output of raw materials to ensure that ideal capacity in the silo or other containment areas is at ideal levels.

Every factory is a unique operation with different capacity capabilities. One client with large silos may decide to purchase a LaborSave unit that empties up to 600 sacks per hour, while a small client with only a single silo may purchase a LaborSave unit that empties up  to 1,300 sacks per hour. To ensure that silo/containment levels don’t become too high or too low, the LS-SMS software acts to govern the LaborSave’s operations. If necessary, LaborSave can cease its operations in order to avoid over filling of the silo, while if the LS-CMS detects that silo levels are low, it will sound an alert to continue adding more pallets to the loading dock.

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