Learn how our robotics are performing the work in the most efficient manner possible.
LaborSave is a fully automated sack emptying system that makes use of the most advanced robotics systems to efficiently and quickly remove sack content.


Robotics are the heart and soul of LaborSave. Every function within the LaborSave is controlled and monitored by a system of checks and balances. It is the quality, efficiency and complete level of control that truly separates LaborSave from any other sack emptying solution.
Every action performed by LaborSave is triggered by a robotic sensor which performs the action and instructs the next action to begin at the appropriate time. However, in addition to this cycle, there is a second set of robotic sensors which verify that every action was completed successfully. This second verification is able to stop the additional processes from performing, and provides a real time alert to any problems that may arise.
The LaborSave robotics feeds into the machine’s operating screen, providing real-time feedback of what is occuring. Even low skilled operator’s can easily understand at what stage the LaborSave is,  as the screen shows both the actual action via animation and a brief description.
In addition to being shown on the screen, this data can be supplied directly to the floor manager’s desk top computer.
LaborSave’s high-level robotic components allows the system to communicate with peripherial equipment or systems in the factory, such as silo loading systems, conveying systems, SAP or ERP systems, bar-codes, and management.